Saffron Walden picture gallery: Aardman model-making workshops at Saffron Screen are a ‘huge success’

Aardman model-making workshop at Saffron Screen

Aardman model-making workshop at Saffron Screen - Credit: Archant

SAFFRON Screen hosted six hugely popular Aardman model-making workshops at the weekend during which more than 100 participants of all ages made fantastic models of Shaun the Sheep.

Led by former County High student and Aardman assistant animator, Kate Timmons, the workshops were a haven of calm and creativity.

Kate and her boyfriend Mike, along with a number of Saffron Screen volunteers, patiently led the model makers through the various stages of the creative process.

The results were tremendous: using only modelling clay and cocktail sticks, everyone managed to produce a very realistic Shaun.

“It was great fun. Kate was really good at explaining what to do and children and adults alike were able to make something that looked like the real thing,” said Saffron Screen chairman Rebecca del Tufo.

“We will definitely hold more Aardman workshops next year. But in the meantime, those hooked on Shaun the Sheep can ‘join the flock’ in Aardman’s PomPom Parade, a world record challenge to make the world’s largest collection of handmade pompom sheep.”

If you would like to take part in the challenge, go to, or see the Saffron Screen website,