Saffron Walden school flags up its third green prize

St Thomas More eco flag award

St Thomas More eco flag award - Credit: Archant

‘BEING green’ has seen a Saffron Walden re-issued with eco status for the third time.

St Thomas More was first given a Green Eco Flag in 2007 and has since worked hard to maintain it.

In order to achieve the status, a school must prove that it is striving for excellence in all areas of ‘being green’, which includes water and energy consumption, taking care of the school grounds, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and learning about how we can look after the earth.

A school spokesman said: “At every assessment the school has to show how they have improved from the previous one, and this year St Thomas More was able to show this in a number of ways, including allowing set curriculum time for the junior children to take part in eco-club.

“These lessons, which take place on a Friday afternoon, allow the children to learn so many things.

There is planting, growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables, maintaining the garden, and composting .

“And on rainy days the children learn how to be eco-friendly in their own lives, by making posters to encourage others and by taking part is various ‘eco-schemes’ such as collecting shoes to send to Malawi or textile recycling.”