Saffron Walden students go mobile free

Jess Guest, Annie McKenzie and Imogen Candler.

Jess Guest, Annie McKenzie and Imogen Candler. - Credit: Archant

Students at Friends’ School were challenged to embrace the Quaker testimony of simplicity and consider the value of silence during their ‘Mobile Free Friday’.

The initiative came as part of the school’s celebration of National Quaker Week last week.

“We were encouraged to try and last the day without using our mobile phones,” said sixth former Imogen Candler. “The emphasis was on leaving them in our bags, particularly during break and lunchtime.”

While the day proved a challenge for some, Annie Mckenzie, another sixth former, said: “Our phone free day was a good thing as we found we interacted with each other more and enjoyed not being so reliant on our phones, it made a nice change.”

While students were still allowed to bring phones to school due to the security they offer, Anna Chaudhri, head of Friends’ School said: “We all know that our children spend a lot of time texting and talking on phones and it seems that often people are talking more than they are listening.

“Our mobile-free day drew attention to the fact that life can be lived more simply and that face-to-face communication or silent communion is still very important.”