School workshops to raise awareness of electricity dangers

SCHOOLCHILDREN in Stansted will return from Easter to take part in hard-hitting workshops designed to raise awareness of the potential dangers of electricity.

Pupils at Bentfield Primary School will learn about the hazards of playing near substations and overhead power lines at an educational workshop run by UK Power Networks on April 25.

The firm, which owns and operates the electricity distribution network in the East of England, London and South East, will be running sessions for around 180 youngsters from schools across Essex.

Pupils will also learn how high voltage electricity can jump gaps and be conducted through anything, including fishing rods and kites, with tragic consequences.

Georgina Clayson, UK Power Networks’ education adviser, said: “Electricity is a vital part of our everyday lives when used safely but these workshops ensure that the children understand the potential consequences of fooling with electricity.

“The children really benefit from the visits and learn valuable safety lessons which will last them a lifetime.”

UK Power Networks raises awareness of the dangers posed by electricity by working with thousands of primary and secondary schoolchildren every year. The company has reached one million children since its education programme was revitalised in 2008.

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Any school or educational group that would like to increase awareness of electricity among pupils should contact UK Power Networks’ education team through the Power Up website

It is aimed at children aged 5-14 and also provides information and useful resources for teachers and parents in line with the National Curriculum.