Sci-fi musical at Saffron Walden Baptist Church this weekend

HyperFusion Theatre Company will be performing their sci-fi musical this weekend at the Baptist Chur

HyperFusion Theatre Company will be performing their sci-fi musical this weekend at the Baptist Church in Saffron Walden - Credit: Archant

Governments texting people ­instructions, policemen known as ‘carers’, and an overwhelming need to look the same as everyone else ...

This is how Saffron Walden’s immersive youth theatre company envisages the world in 100 years’ time, in a sci-fi musical to be performed this weekend.

The audience will be led around Baptist Church in the promenade-style performance, to sample the “shiny and grey worlds” and engage with the reality presented to them.

Sarah Ellis, artistic director at HyperFusion Theatre Company, said: “We sat down with the cast, who are aged between seven and 17, and asked ourselves ‘What do we want to write about, what do we want to be saying to people?’.”

The outcome is Unplugged – a cross between 1984, the Hunger Games, and the performers’ own insights into the concerns felt most strongly by young people today.

“The title refers to the plugging point – where the whole of society has to be plugged in the whole time and receives messages from the government,” Sarah said.

“We did lots of work on what a young person has to do to be perfect. There’s all this pressure at school to achieve highly, and also from the media, where everyone is projected as having to look the same.”

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As well as acting and dancing, there will also be a number of ­popular songs, and an original number by jazz singer Joanna Eden.

“My song is called What’s the Point of Me?” said Joanna, of Gold Street, Saffron Walden.

“The show is about people trying to find their identity, working out where they stand in a world ­dominated by the media and ­corporate companies. It’s about children trying to find their way.

“It’s really lovely to hear What’s the Point of Me? sung so beautifully by the kids,” she said. “It can be difficult working with children – they always speak their mind – but every time they come to my song they say how much they love it.”

All proceeds from Unplugged will go to the Saffron Walden Youth Outreach Project and a dance project for young women in Brazil.

Tickets can be brought from for the ­performances at 7.30pm on Saturday and Sunday, at Baptist Church, Saffron Walden.