Shed burglaries trend in Uttlesford “could continue” say police

TOOLS and equipment worth several thousands have been stolen in shed burglaries across Uttlesford – and there are fears that these offences could “continue for the foreseeable future”.

Police are now moving to offer security advice and have offered 10 top tips to keep property safe.

Local crime reduction advisor Peter Caulfield said: “In the past, shed break-ins have usually been confined to autumn and spring, but now all the signs point to them continuing through the year, and as usual, they generally happen overnight.

“Thieves usually target insecure or poorly maintained sheds but, in some of the recent offences, the sheds had reasonable security in place, which suggests that the thieves were unusually determined.”

The tips are:

• Site your shed as close to the house as possible

• White-out the windows or fit net curtains

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• Screw opening windows shut

• Fit a ‘close-shackled’ padlock and a heavy-duty hasp and staple

• Drill out the hinge screws

• Fit hinge-bolts if possible

• Secure tools, mowers and cycles with a steel security cable

• Visibly mark all removable items with your house number or name, and postcode

• Fit a shed alarm

• Do not think that it can’t happen to you – it can happen to anyone

Further information about locks, padlocks and other security measures, can be obtained from Mr Caulfield by contacting him on 0300 333 4444 ext 395387.