So, when has politics come before health?

FIRST I would like to congratulate the Facebook opponents and a number of district and parish councillors who have successfully blocked the building of a new, up-to-date modern health centre for none other than some councillors stating they disliked the view and the structure.

The building was referred to as the Titanic which was a modern ship 50 years ahead of its time in appearance and structure. Likewise the design for the new health centre is 50 years ahead of its time in its design appearance and, although it has been sunk by a gaggle of privateers before it has been built, it will resurface.

The reality is that Stansted has needed a new health centre since 1970. What is the priority, health or views? Opinion is not fact. Facts are facts.

The PCT and Doctors and Patients Survey have clearly supported the health centre project and the site at Lower Street, as no other site was available. The doctors are extremely concerned that they will not be able to provide a full updated state-of-the-art medical service which the patients clearly deserve.

What of the future? Will it be portacabins for well over a decade from which we can admire the vista of the castle keep/moat and a rubbish-littered site together with a carwash and corrugated metal warehouse?

Or will it be a state-of-the-art health centre reflecting the 21st century landscaped improved road access with adequate parking serving the needs of Stansted, the surrounding villages and Bishop’s Stortford?

I suggest we should ask the 8,000 patients who use the current surgery, very simply: Do you want a new health centre with additional services? Or the possible reality of a restritive service with portacabins for well over a decade?

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Health comes before politics, or maybe Uttlesford works in reverse!

C Collins

Brewery Lane