South Cambs woman climbing Everest survives Nepal earthquake

Jo Bradshaw

Jo Bradshaw - Credit: Archant

An adventurer from Great Chrishill attempting to climb Mount Everest in Nepal has survived an earthquake which has devastated the country.

Jo Bradshaw

Jo Bradshaw - Credit: Archant

Jo Bradshaw, 44, is in the acclimatisation stage of her attempt to become the first woman to scale both Everest and Lohtse – the fourth highest mountain in the world – before intending to make the full journey to the top of Everest from May 6.

But yesterday (Saturday), an earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, hit Nepal and has killed almost 2,000 people.

The country, between India and China, was hit with a 6.7 magnitude aftershock on Sunday morning.

So far, 17 people have been killed on Mount Everest – the mountain’s worst disaster. An avalanche covered part of Everest’s base camp, killing 17 and injuring 61 more.

Last night, Discover Adventurer, where Ms Bradshaw works as a trek challenger leader, tweeted: “Our thoughts & prayers are with all in Nepal. Jo Bradshaw & her climbing partner are okay & we wish them a safe return.”

A tweet from Ms Bradshaw’s account said: “‘Jo & Rolfe safe at C1’. Will update you as soon as I know - TJ.”

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360 Expeditions, whose founder Rolfe Oostra is Ms Bradshaw’s climbing partner, posted on Facebook: “After seeing this being the top topic on the news I should update you so you have facts.

“It is with great sadness that we have to report that we have lost three amazing Sherpa from our team. There are a further five confirmed dead and we hear this could rise significantly but until things are clarified I will leave this for now.

“Rolfe and Jo are based at Camp 1 (C1) and we are thankful they left BC when they did – we are also thankful they got through the ice fall in the speed they did so were not there when it struck.

“Basecamp is in a state and I believe that many teams members, Sherpa and westerners will come back to nothing. Rolfe and Jo included.

“There is a meet at C1 tomorrow with all team leaders at 8am therefore I expect to hear from Rolfe at our 4am for an update. Plans are to head to Camp 2 to be in a safer position or to investigate trying to get down. Getting down isn’t the easy option as the ice fall has been affected and the carefully chosen route is finished. Weather and safety will dictate.

“Rolfe’s report: As Jo and I arrived into C1 in low vis we heard a tremendous noise – it was all around us – presuming an avalanche – which was a nightmare to pin the direction on. The noise and movement was enough to trip us off our feet. Later there was the loudest noise I have ever heard coming from below (base camp) which produced an enormous backdraft.

“It was not easy to work out what was going on but we were naturally now pretty wired trying to predict avalanches as well as make out what was happening. “After frantic coms to BC it was related to us that there had been huge avalanches and landslides on a devastation scale into BC triggered by the earthquake. We are in radio coms with BC and sat phone coms back home. We are all okay but devastated for our friends and colleagues.”

Three hours ago, 360 Expeditions also posted: “In the last three hours since the below info came in it seems many of the 98 or so have been evacuated out - this is good news. Tim Rob and Rolfe (with their clients) are still at C1 and plans are being talked through.

“The injured have also now been taking out from [base camp] and are in [Kathmandu].”

The page earlier posted: “We don’t expect to have more news until later today or even until tomorrow – sat phone charge is low so we are on limited time – Jo and Rolfe are okay, cracking on and keeping focused.”