Spate of cars vandalised in Saffron Walden

Car damage in Saffron Walden

Car damage in Saffron Walden - Credit: Archant

Officers are investigating a possible link between a spate of seven criminal damage attacks in Saffron Walden in which nine cars have been scratched since the beginning of the year.

Three further vehicles outside of town have also been damaged in similar incidents - two in Newport and one in Wimbish - and police are urging residents to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour.

The latest incident in Usterdale Road in Saffron Walden on March 17 saw deep scratches to a Kia Sportage and a Ford Mondeo and residents of the street say it has happened before.

A resident of Usterdale Road said: “Our car has been scratched before. The keyed the boot and then they came back and did the bonnet. We had a sensor light put in after it happened, and haven’t had any problems since then.”

Another neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: “You see less and less police in the town, and we seem to pay more but get less for our money. Very seldom do you see a policeman around here or in the town to act as a deterrent.”

Four of the seven incidents in Saffron Walden took place in Radwinter Road, with further vehicles being targeted in New Road and Gibson Close, along with Usterdale, in the past three months.

The damage caused to two vehicles in Newport occurred at Cherry Garden Lane and High Street in January, while an Alfa Romeo was keyed at Tye Green in Wimbish in March.

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Inspector Mick Couldridge said: “We are aware that there have been a number of incidents where vehicles have been damaged. We are looking at the reports and seeing if the incidents are linked and what investigative strategies we can put in place to catch the person or persons responsible.

“Damage to vehicles is distressing, annoying and expensive to repair, so I would urge people to report any suspicious behaviour that they may see to us as soon as possible.

“I would also ask residents to be mindful and to take steps to protect their vehicles. If they cannot park on a driveway on in a garage, park as near to their properties as possible so their cars are in sight. If they have home CCTV systems, make sure they also cover their vehicles with these cameras.”