Stansted Airport: Etihad Airways bomb threat man had been drinking

A PASSENGER who prompted a commercial aircraft to be redirected to Stansted Airport after declaring he had a bomb on board has been remanded in custody.

James Glen appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court today, January 25, where he pleaded guilty to making a hoax bomb threat whilst travelling aboard a flight from Abu Dhabi to London, Heathrow, operated by Etihad Airways.

He has been remanded in custody to re appear at Chelmsford Crown Court on March 10, when he will be sentenced.

Dc Jean Seager from Stansted police station said: “James Glen told police that he had been living in Australia for about 20 years and was returning to the UK to find work and start a new life.

“Glen admitted that he had been drinking alcohol and stated his behaviour was foolish and he was deeply remorseful.

“His actions resulted in an international incident and the aircraft being diverted to Stansted Airport under RAF fighter escort.

“A full emergency response was put into action, requiring all emergency services to attend.

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“The incident caused considerable inconvenience and disruption to Stansted Airport and Etihad Airways, which had to make an unscheduled landing and whose passengers were delayed by over four hours.

Dc Seager added: “The incident was not linked to terrorism but were the actions of someone acting inappropriately under the influence of alcohol.”