Stansted Airport firefighters donate helmets to Macedonia

FIREFIGHTING equipment no longer needed at Stansted Airport is being donated to help save lives in eastern Europe.

Some 30 decommissioned Cromwell Helmets, retired by the airport’s fire service, will be shipped to Macedonia by the firefighter charity, Operation Florian. Based in the UK, the charity provides equipment and training to improve fire fighting capabilities in developing countries around the world.

Leading firefighter Peter Boon, the airport’s charity representative who has been to Macedonia twice to deliver equipment and provide training, said: “The helmets will help replace old fire kit giving firefighters in the area a much needed improvement to their equipment. Operation Florian is hugely grateful for the support they receive from Stansted Airport.”

Stansted’s fire manager Daren Barthram explained the reason behind the donation: “We need to maintain the very latest firefighting equipment and after years of service, the Cromwell Helmets are no longer suitable here but still have several years of life ahead of them in Macedonia.

“Rather than leave the helmets on the shelf to deteriorate, we felt that the Florian charity would benefit enormously from the airport’s donation.

“We’re thrilled to be able to support this wonderful organisation as the work they do is amazing.”