Stansted Airport: Interactive aircraft noise website relaunched

STANSTED Airport has relaunched its interactive noise website as a tool for residents to find out more about the possible effects of aircraft noise in their communities.

The new-look features a redesigned homepage making it simpler for people to find the information they need, while a range of new factsheets offer details about how noise is caused by different aspects of aviation, and what action the airport takes to reduce it.

The site continues to offer its innovative on-line aircraft tracking system, ‘WebTrak’, which allows users to track aircraft arriving and departing from the airport, and displays their height, allowing them to make more detailed enquiries about aircraft noise.

Graeme Wade, Stansted Airport’s head of noise communications, said: “Our newly revamped noise section of our website is essentially a ‘one stop shop’ for noise enquiries and provides the facility for members of the local community to investigate for themselves the aircraft movements before logging their noise enquiries and complaints online.

“The updated website is another positive development in the open way in which we work with local communities to share as much information as possible about aircraft operations at Stansted Airport.”