Stansted: Clothing and chocolate stolen in theft spate

RESIDENTS in Stansted have been warned to secure their cars following a series of overnight thefts from motor vehicles.

Six cars parked in the West Road and Manor Road area of the village were targeted between the late afternoon of Monday November 21 and the morning of November 22. Property with a total value of around �100 was stolen, including clothing and chocolate.

Three of the cars had been left insecure by their owners.

Crime reduction advisor for Uttlesford, Peter Caulfield, said that this was not unusual: “Thieves generally find that around one in five cars is not locked, making it easy for them to steal the owner’s possessions.

“Vehicle security systems rely on the doors being locked. If a vehicle is left unlocked, then nothing works - alarms and immobilisers are rendered useless.”

Mr Caulfield said that the thefts could be the start of a new trend and could reoccur over the coming weeks.

“I would urge all car owners to park their vehicles in their garages whenever possible, and always lock them. Please ensure that you leave nothing of value inside,” he added.

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Anyone with information about these crimes should contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.