Sufficient land IS available to build new homes in Great Chesterford

IT is not correct to assert that there is insufficient land available at Great Chesterford for a substantial development.

In its document (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, December 2011) the area GtCHE7 was stated as having capacity for 6,000 homes. The report indicated that GtCHE7 is ‘the most suitable location’ (the other site identified at Elsenham was marginally less suitable; no direct links to the motorway network, and located on a flood plain!)

GtCHE7 is to the north-east of Great Chesterford village, across the B184. Ideally situated for those who travel to work (and most do, nowadays), it is next to the M11 motorway southbound, the A11 northbound, has a local railway station, and offers direct access to Cambridge, East Anglia and the metropolis. The site is ideal, well drained and on gently rising land.

Despite its undoubted suitability for a sizable settlement, GtCHE7 seems to have vanished without trace from Uttlesford’s reckonings. They no longer refer to it at all!

It is time that Uttlesford came to its senses and solved the housing issues with a single, new development in the most logical place – a green field site near to the motorway and with an existing railway station. This would be a much more sensible and sustainable choice, rather than forcing smaller developments onto our existing towns.

Saffron Walden, for example, is expected to accept a further 1,000 houses, with more to follow. Located to the east of the

town, an estate of this size can only exacerbate existing traffic problems.

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Walden already has three locations where traffic-related air pollution exceeds the legal limit. We certainly do not need any more!

Richard Freeman

Museum Street

Saffron Walden