Teen releases Olympic inspired single

LONDON 2012 has not only inspired the next generation of athletes but also a teen singer, who is set to release her Olympic-inspired single on Monday (December 8).

Shakila Karim, who released a song for this year’s Paralympic Games in August, is set to release her second song this year, Thank You for the Sunshine.

The 15-year-old wanted to celebrate and also recreate the happiness which Britain felt during the Olympics-inspired summer.

“We’ve had such a fantastic summer thanks to all the great people who made London the centre of the world during the Olympics,” she said.

“I was so proud to see my home town become such a welcoming place where people came from all over the world to celebrate wonderful moments.”

The song is a tribute song to the “exceptional” people who made London a very special place during the summer, contributing to London 2012 being an “amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event”.

“I hope people listen to my new song and remember those beautiful days in the summer. I know I will and, of course, I was fortunate enough to perform at Stratford Park during London 2012.

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“I’ll never forget seeing so many smiling faces during that time. It really was a special summer to remember.

“In addition to the sporting events themselves, I’ll particularly remember the torch relays across the country; the opening ceremony, in which our Queen played a lovely part, and the closing ceremonies - especially the fantastic live music we had at the time.

“This song of mine is dedicated to everyone from all the organisers, athletes, fans and the games makers who did a fantastic job to make all this happen. I hope my new song will remind young people of the joys of being at the Olympics and inspire them to work hard to be future Olympians.”

Thank You for the Sunshine is available to view on Youtube.