Teenagers to get new hi-tech hang out shelter at Carver Barracks

YOUNGSTERS at Carver Barracks are one step closer to getting a new ‘teen shelter’ after the district council agreed to donate more than �10,000 to the project.

It is part of a wider plan to build a new play park at the Wimbish base – although this latest phase is specifically geared towards teenagers.

The shelter would act as a hangout area, not only for youngsters living on the barracks but also for any of their friends.

It would include LCD lights and a Bluetooth activated sound system which can play music from an MP3 player or phone.

The idea is for youngsters to power it using crank handles connected to a generator, meaning the battery will never go flat.

District councillor for Saffron Walden, Howard Rolfe, said it was a “great investment” and said he was “delighted the council could help fund a very important need” by offering more equipment for youngsters of all ages at the base.

“Funding for the first phase of the project to build a new play park had already been secured, but we were also asked to help provide something for older children at the base,” Cllr Rolfe told the Reporter.

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“We have always promised we would support the project as we have a close link with the barracks and following a consultation with young people this was what they wanted.”

The idea for the project came from a committee made up of solders’ wives, known as The Rowney Community Park Fund.

The aim is for a new “modern inspirational and exciting play park” to be built to improve the lives of army families and encourage civilian one’s on to the base.

More than 250 families will benefit.

Installation of the park was due to begin this month, after �120,000 of funding was secured to help revamp facilities which are more than 25 years old.

The �10,225 donation will come out of last year’s unallocated New Homes Bonus budget.