Thinking of buying a house alarm?

GET free advice from your police crime reduction officer.

People often ask if having a house alarm alerts thieves that you have something worth stealing.

The truth is almost everyone has some goods attractive to a thief; flat screen TV’s, mobile telephones, laptops, the list goes on and on.

So for most people a house alarm is a good idea. The cost of a system varies according to the features it has, and the important thing is the alarm must cover the risk your home faces.

An alarm system needs to reflect many issues, the location of the house? Would anyone hear the alarm going off?

Do you need to have it monitored? If so, which of the different options for monitoring is best for you?

Do you have any special high value possessions?

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An alarm system is a purchase which will protect your home for years, but you should have the benefit of competent guidance.

Essex Police crime reduction officer Michael Armstrong said: “My recommendation is to have an assessment done by your local police crime reduction officer who will offer free, impartial advice about which type of alarm system best meets your individual needs.

“You can then choose the right system for you, at the most cost effective price.

“Remember a bargain alarm that does not prevent the burglary is not a bargain; it is just a waste of money.”

Contact your local crime reduction officer on 101, for free home security advice.