Places where people died of coronavirus in Uttlesford and Braintree

The data regarding where people died of coronavirus in Uttlesford and Braintree has been released. P

The data regarding where people died of coronavirus in Uttlesford and Braintree has been released. Photo: Chan2545/Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Chan2545/Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Office For National Statistics (ONS) have published places where people died in Uttlesford and Braintree from coronavirus - and the biggest number of deaths were registered in hospitals.

In total, there were 62 coronavirus deaths in Uttlesford this year until July 24 and 119 in Braintree. In Uttlesford they took place as follows: 43 in hospitals, 16 in care homes, one at home, one in a hospice, and one in other places.

In Braintree, there have been 88 coronavirus deaths in hospitals, 24 in care homes, five at home, one in a hospice, and one elsewhere.

Coronavirus deaths represented 12 percent of all deaths in both Uttlesford and Braintree in the same period.

The total number of deaths from all causes was 510 in Uttlesford and 959 in Braintree. In Uttlesford, 188 died in hospital, 127 at home, 126 in care homes, 34 in hospices, 21 in other settings and 14 elsewhere.

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In Braintree, 401 died in hospital, 257 in care homes, 226 at home, 26 in hospices, 26 elsewhere and 23 in other settings.

In the week ending July 24, no Covid-19 deaths have been recorded in Uttlesford by ONS, while Braintree had one death caused by the virus - in a care home.

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In the same week, there were nine deaths from all causes in Uttlesford, and 20 in Braintree.

The ONS figures weren released on Tuesday, August 4, and revealed there were 51,505 deaths which involved coronavirus up to July 24 in England and Wales - which is 9,000 more than the government’s daily figures of 42,691.

The data was gathered to include care homes, homes, hospices, other and elsewhere.

Other includes schools for people with learning disabilities, holiday homes and hotels, common lodging houses, assessment centres, schools, convents, college halls of residence, young offender institutions, secure training centres, detention centres, prisons, and remand homes.

Elsewhere includes people who are pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. It also includes deaths on a motorway, walking down the street, at the cinema, at a football match, while out shopping, or in someone else’s home.

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