Three Polish fans arrested at Stansted Airport ahead of England v Poland clash tomorrow (Tuesday October 15)

Stansted Airport, aerial view of main terminal building

Stansted Airport, aerial view of main terminal building - Credit:

Football fans flying into Stansted Airport ahead of Tuesday’s football game between England and Poland are being warned that police will not tolerate rowdy or drunken behaviour.

The advice comes as three Polish fans were arrested today (October 14) after a several passengers and cabin crew on board a Ryanair flight from Warsaw into Stansted claimed that football fans were drinking spirits, were clearly drunk and were making lewd and obscene comments to staff.

They refused to comply with the crews orders to put sit down and put their seat belts on.

Airport operational commander, Supt Glenn Maleary, said: “Let us make our message very clear. We will not tolerate bad behaviour at the airport or on board any flights coming into Stansted. Anyone who wants to challenge this will find themselves arrested and will therefore miss the game.”

A 46-year-old man, a 41-year-old man and 20-year-old man, all from Poland were arrested and are currently in police custody at Stansted Airport.