Tyres and rubbish in bonfire cause thick smoke to spread through Linton


- Credit: Archant

Firefighters are urging people not to have bonfires after a fire caused thick smoke to blow through Linton yesterday (Sunday).

Crews from Linton and Cambridge extinguished a bonfire, involving tyres and rubbish, in The Grip at 4.46pm.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue said: “Bonfires can be unpleasant for nearby residents and communities if the materials that are burned create a lot of thick smoke that smells.

“We would advise anyone to avoid having a bonfire and instead take material to a waste and recycling site.

“If you do choose to have a bonfire, then ensure it is built well away from trees, foliage and other property. Pay attention to the weather, including wind direction, and never leave it unattended.”

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