Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank seeks new space for donations

Lots of pants, socks and shirts on a table

Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank donates clothes to families in need of support via schools or social care organisations - Credit: Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank

An Uttlesford charity providing clothes to families in need wants help to find a new home.

The Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank (UCCB) has outgrown its current space - two spare bedrooms and a garage - having donated clothes to more than 70 children throughout the district.

The charity was founded in November 2020 but stopped taking donations on December 7 due to a lack of space.

A very full room strewn with boxes and bags filled with clothes.

Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank has outgrown its current home - Credit: Supplied by Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank

Madi Wilkie, a UCCB trustee, said: "We are continually turning away people who want to donate clothing."

The charity is looking for a minimum 500 sq ft storage space in or around Saffron Walden to use Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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Madi added: "We have very little funding available to afford rent, so are appealing to the kindness of someone's heart to lend us a space that they do not currently need!"

Lots of packets of children's school shirts

School shirts are among the items which the Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank distributes - Credit: Supplied by Uttlesford Children's Clothing Bank

The Children's Society in 2019 estimated 1.8 million UK children went to school in an unclean, ill-fitting or incorrect uniform due to clothing costs.

UCCB takes referrals from social care organisations and schools.

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Email info@uccb.org.uk.

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