Uttlesford council set to carry out parish boundary review

LARGE-SCALE housing developments are forcing Uttlesford District Council to consider scrapping some small parish councils and grouping them together.

A review is underway to look at boundaries and to determine whether parishes should have, or continue to have, elected councils.

On area under consideration is the divide between Little Canfield and Takeley due to the Priors Green development.

Electoral services manager Peter Snow said: “The review will determine whether any change is needed to reflect community interests and identities.

“Residents, especially those in Priors Green, are welcome to submit proposals to the matters being reviewed. We welcome comments from parish councils and parish meetings, and also community and sports groups.”

All comments received before September 30 will be evaluated and the council will then consider drawing up proposals.

Any new proposals will be published in November and will be subject to a three-month consultation period.

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For more information, visit the council’s website at uttlesford.gov.uk and click on the link in the ‘What’s New on the Site’ section of the homepage.