Uttlesford longboarders in sight of Nebraska on 3,000 mile trip across the USA

Skating through the mountains

Skating through the mountains - Credit: Archant

Being bitten by mosquitoes, getting fried in the sun and suffering from exhaustion and dehydration, four longboarders have been facing the reality of crossing the USA.

After flying to Los Angeles on June 4 to being their epic skate to New York, friends Richard Rixon (20) from Buntingford, David Rock (20) from Great Dunmow, Tim Nicholson (19) from Arkesden, and Oli Spain (20) from Great Samford, have been battling the elements during their first month on the road.

“It has been super tough so far, the heat of the desert was crazy, coming out of Salt Lake City we had to cross the mountains, and now we have reached Wyoming we are being massacred by insects on a regular basis,” Mr Rixon said via Facebook.

The four friends are undertaking the gruelling trip to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust and are hoping to make it to New York City within three months.

“We have now skated over 1,000 miles and we are just about on track to make it to New York,” he added.

Mr Rixon is also directing a feature film following the group as they attempt to travel the 3,000 miles across the continent.

“We want to create a film to inspire other young people to get out there and be motivated to create their own opportunities, rather than simply rely on a good education,” he said before setting out on the trip.

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The boys stopped off for a rest day in Yellowstone National Park on July 10 and have recently crossed the Utah and Arizona state lines.

So far the highlights have included skating The Strip in Las Vegas and passing through the Valley of Fire, Nevada.

Mr Rixon added: “We have huge ups and downs. There are some days I just want to give up, and then we will come across a smooth downhill and everything will be fine again.

“We’re feeling excited about the rest of the trip, we are about to hit Nebraska where we should make a lot of ground.”

To keep up to date with their progress, or donate, visit the Longboarding LA to NYC Facebook page: www.facebook.com/L.AtoNYCFilm