Uttlesford police issue warning to parents about house parties

UTTLESFORD police are urging parents to talk to their children about the risks of hosting house parties.

The plea follows a recent increase in the number of incidents that have resulted in damage to properties around the district.

Police are currently interviewing 26 youths, aged from 15, after damage was caused following three separate incidents. The cost of damages ranged from hundreds to thousands of pounds.

In each case the parents have gone away for the weekend only to return to their homes to find the remnants of a party. In one case paint had been spread on a carpet after being spilled outside.

Sgt Lindsay Beckman said: “Parents who are going away, even for the weekend, should have words with their children if they’re being left in the home and make sure there is some supervision.

“Also, parents who are dropping off their children at someone else’s house should check with the home-owners. It takes up so much police tome talking to partygoers after an incident.”

Sgt Beckman also warned youngsters against advertising parties on social networking sites.