Uttlesford’s cycle lane provision is no match for Tour de France greats

I UNDERSTAND that the Tour de France will be sweeping through the area this year and it would be highly remiss of us all not to welcome them accordingly.

Uttlesford has, notably, one of the shortest cycle lane provisions of any authority in the UK with a total distance of 170 yards – yes, 170 yards! – in a 250sq mile area. For those who have recently arrived in the area and don’t know its location they can find it up Thaxted Road leading to the municipal recycling centre entrance.

It would be simply invidious not to invite and welcome these hardy pedalling gods to try to complete the whole of Uttlesford’s cycle lane provision, from end to end, in a single day, although some keen lycra clad cycling enthusiasts laughably suggest it would only take about 30 seconds....simply absurd!

I have often considered what reason those responsible had in mind in building this unique cycle lane to the recycling dump, but hey!...cycling!...recycling!

I now see the connection...and I’m only pedalling an idea!

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