Uttlesford’s long-running educational workshop Crucial Crew is branded a huge success

HUNDREDS of the district’s students have been thanked for taking part in an educational workshop.

Crucial Crew, organised by the multi-agency Uttlesford Community Safety Partnership, has been running in the district for more than 10 years and educates almost a thousands 10 and 11 year olds about a range of challenges they will face growing up. Topics covered include safety, road safety, drug and alcohol awareness, internet safety and bullying awareness.

This year’s event was held in Thaxted and had won praise from visiting dignitary Lady Rosemary Ruggles-Brice, the High Sherriff of Essex.

Teachers have now written to lead agency Uttlesford District Council to praise the event, with comments received including:

“I find that Crucial Crew is an essential part of the transition from primary to secondary school. I feel Crucial Crew has a direct impact on children in a way learning in the classroom cannot achieve as effectively.”

“We consider that this event is very important in making our children aware of the dangers they may face when they transfer to secondary schools. Talking to the children yesterday it was very apparent how much vital information the children had retained and how it made them consider their behaviour.”

“The children have gained invaluable lessons from these presentations and I am always most impressed with the way the afternoon is organised and the quality of its content… I feel it is one of the most important events of the year for my class.”

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Pupils have also given their feedback, with comments such as “I enjoyed all the acting and it was a great experience. Some of what I did I wouldn’t have learnt in school,” and “I enjoyed all of it because it was very interesting and I learnt something in every workshop”.

The council’s community safety officer Martin Ford said: “Crucial Crew could not be the success it is without the hard work of all the agencies that take part and the enthusiasm of the children involved.

“I would like to thank everyone for making this year’s Crucial Crew one of the best ever. It is very pleasing that we have received so much positive feedback.”