VIDEO: Essex Police - Keep your caravan safe this summer

A VIDEO designed to increase awareness about caravan security has been published by Essex Police.

Some simple, yet very effective, top tips have been detailed within the footage and officers have sent out the warning just as the summer holidays begin.

A spokesman for the force said: “When you’re enjoying a relaxing holiday with family and friends it’s easy to let security slip your mind.

“You wouldn’t leave your home insecure when you go away so treat your caravan the same way. On holiday, it’s going to be your home for a week or two after all.

“Whether it’s on site, parked in your driveway or at a motorway service station for a short time, remember your caravan could be a target for thieves.”

Along with the video, Essex Police has also issued these guidelines:

• Make sure your caravan can’t be towed away. Always immobilise it however long you plan to stop for. Use good quality heavy duty chains, hitch locks and clamps to secure your caravan.

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• Lock doors and windows and take the keys with you when you leave the caravan. Don’t forget to lock your roof light and gas compartment too.

• Have a reliable alarm fitted and set it every time you leave the caravan.

• Fit lockable wheel nuts.

• Never leave personal or valuable items on display inside the caravan, particularly mobile phones, laptops, cash, credit or debit cars and private mail.

• Think about security marking the personal belongings inside the caravan.

• Never leave vehicle registration documents inside the caravan as they could help a thief sell it on.

• Think about fitting a tracking device. This can help police track your caravan if it is stolen.

• Write your vehicle identification number (VIN) in several hidden places in your caravan. You can use a permanent marker to write the VIN inside a cupboard or drawer for example or etch it into windows using a UV pen.

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