Video: Former Essex fire engines donated to Malawian Government

Four former Essex fire engines have undergone a monumental journey to Africa after being donated to the Malawian government.

The keys to the four fire engines, along with a range of fire fighting equipment, were officially handed over to the Malawian High Commissioner in the UK last September and from there they have travelled to the poverty stricken African nation where they are now crewed and ready to tackle incidents in cities throughout Malawi.

The four fire engines, which had once served the people of Essex, were bought by a consortium and donated to Malawi.

The video shows the former Essex Fire Engines, with ECFRS Fire Safety adverts still visible, being put through their paces by fire crews as dignitaries watch on impressed.

DCFO Adam Eckley said: “These fire engines have all served the people Essex well and it is good to see that they will carry on their working lives protecting people in Malawi.”