Video: Saffron Walden: Henry the hero is hailed as a top dog

Henry at home with Elaine and Steven.

Henry at home with Elaine and Steven. - Credit: Archant

A working dog trained in Saffron Walden has been hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of his owner’s husband.

Henry with Elaine

Henry with Elaine - Credit: Archant

Henry, a standard poodle-golden retriever lives with Elaine Starkey and her family in Shropshire – and the pair have been named Specsavers Heroic Partnership of the Year at an awards ceremony in London.

Henry came to the rescue after Elaine’s husband Steven suffered a traumatic nose bleed, which left him unable to move or seek help.

He called Henry and told him to get Elaine – who was asleep upstairs without her hearing aids in. The faithful pooch knew something was wrong so bolted upstairs, woke Elaine and, making sure she followed as quickly as possible, took her straight to where Steven lay.

Elaine took one look at her husband and called the emergency services who rushed Steven to hospital.

Elaine – who worked in the IT industry but got Henry after losing her hearing – said: “The timing was crucial, if it hadn’t been for Henry’s quick actions doctors fear Steven might not be around today.

“The consequences of Henry not getting me would have been awful. He certainly saved the whole family.”

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Henry spent the first year of his life with Hearing Dog puppy soci alisers Yvonne and Mike Young in Wimbish, and was a regular visitor to shops and cafes in Saffron Walden.

Yvonne said: “We knew Henry was a bright puppy and we hoped he’d get through his training successfully and go on and change someone’s life, but we had no idea he would actually save a life.

“We always enjoyed puppy socialising for Hearing Dogs but Henry’s achievement makes it even more worthwhile.”