Virgin London Marathon 2012: Newport man with multiple sclerosis set for marathon challenge

FOR Paul Horlick, pounding the streets around his home village of Newport, as he prepares for this Sunday’s London Marathon, represents a far greater challenge than for most.

For Paul, who works in fraud risk management within financial services, was in 2010 diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and will be running the marathon as part of the Essex-based Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre (MSRC) team, hoping to raise thousands of pounds for the charity.

The diagnosis was, in Paul’s own words, a complete bolt from the blue, but he is determined to treat it as a challenge.

“At first, I thought my world had fallen apart through my own complete ignorance of the condition.

“I’d always been fairly fit and healthy. I knew I’d let my fitness slip a bit in the past couple of years but it never occurred to me that symptoms I was experiencing – sciatic-like pain and numbness in my arm and leg – would be MS,” he said.

“After the initial shock of hearing the diagnosis, I realised there were an awful lot of people far worse off than me and I determined to get fit. I came across the MSRC and discovered what a fantastic job the charity does.”

Having been offered a place in the 125-strong MSRC team running the race, Paul is determined to overcome the difficulties MS can bring.

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“I do have constant numbness in the right arm and leg, have experienced deafness in one ear and suffer with the occasional period of fatigue but, touch wood, I live a relatively normal life, although I have daily injections of disease modifying drugs.

“My wife and employers are extremely supportive, though I do need reminding every now and again that I do need to look after myself and to not overdo it!”

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