Thaxted - Carver Scout Group visit an Apache helicopter

More than 100 scouts from Thaxted went to Wattisham, Suffolk

1st Thaxted - Carver Scouts visited ACC Wattisham on October 9 - Credit: 1st Thaxted - Carver Scouts

More than 100 Thaxted scouts went to see the Army Air Corps' £40 million Apache helicopter in Suffolk.

The 1st Thaxted - Carver Scout Group visited AAC Wattisham on Saturday (October 9) at the invitation of warrant officer WO1 David Luke.

Scouts sat in the pilot's seat of the Apache and learnt about the vital survival gear which the Army uses on its operations in remote locations.

They also saw the repair equipment which keeps the £40m machine in the skies.

Scout leader Rory Wilson said: "The feedback from the young people has been fantastic.

"We had a fantastic day learning all about the Apache helicopters stationed there with the chance to get up close and personal with the aircraft.

"We are so grateful to AAC Wattisham for letting us visit.

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"I would also like to thank the group's leadership team for arranging the event and providing an amazing experience for all."