'Team effort' needed to stop winter flooding, says Essex Highways

Thaxted flash flooding in July 2021 covering the B184 main road

Thaxted flash flooding in July 2021 - Credit: April Denham

A "team effort" is needed to stop rural roads from flooding, Essex Highways has said.

After significant rainfall throughout 2021, including a major flash flood in Thaxted last July, Essex Highways wants to prepare for wintry weather.

The county council's highways authority is asking gardeners to clear front gardens so that debris does not wash into the road.

The team has also asked landowners to clear gullies and private ditches.

Essex Highways itself is responsible for at least 300,000 drains, and it cleared 9,000 gullies in October.

The B184 Thaxted Road in Saffron Walden, Essex covered with silt after heavy rainfall

Silt on the B184 Thaxted Road in Saffron Walden after heavy rain in July 2021 - Credit: Supplied

A woman in a poncho at Standon Calling festival, Hertfordshire slides down a muddy track after floods

In Hertfordshire, the Standon Calling festival near Bishop's Stortford was called off due to a severe storm. Festival goers made the best of the wet weather - Credit: Scott Randall

Councillor Lee Scott, who is responsible for highways maintenance at Essex County Council, said: "Whilst we work hard to reduce flooding where we can, it is important that we work together as partners to help alleviate the problem for the good of the community."

He added: "Flooding is an issue that has to be dealt with, not just in the county but globally."