Wellbeing programme for stressful school children

A COUPLE from Saffron Walden have been praised for their “inspirational” work in helping to promote a stress-free environment for primary school children.

Husband and wife Giles and Juliette Bryant created the Wellbeing in Schools scheme two years ago to help encourage a more effective learning experience.

Mrs Bryant said: “It is all very simple and doesn’t require lots of equipment.

“We teach the children relaxation exercises, yoga and techniques on how to breathe properly – allowing them to take in more oxygen and in turn function at a higher level.”

“Many of them say they feel anger or sadness which they don’t know how to deal with, so we teach them how to release this emotion and stop it from being pent up,” she said.

The unique approach has been supported by headteacher of St Andrew’s Primary in Great Yeldham, Maria Trappitt.

“Through a well organised programme of yoga disciplines and techniques Giles and Juliette have been able to show our pupils how to recognise a sense of inner peace, harmony and clarity of mind,” she said.

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Mrs Trappitt added that pupils were learning to transfer these skills into managing the challenges of everyday life, both in school and beyond, and hailed the teaching as “inspirational, dynamic and fun.”

As part of the Wellbeing in Schools Programme, DVD’s, CD’s and information packs for schools are available. The couple also run parents events so relaxation techniques can be continued at home.