May Day Fun Run returns after two years

Participants of the Wendens Ambo May Day Fun Run

Participants of the Wendens Ambo May Day Fun Run - Credit: The Wendens Ambo Millennium Trust

The Wendens Ambo May Day Fun Run took place on Bank Holiday Monday after a two year break due to COVID-19. 

On the day around 80 people took part in the five kilometre run. Villagers and visitors alike gathered at the starting line and began the run following the roads of the village, a one mile long 160ft incline, followed by a steep descent to the Wenden Valley and finishing at the Bell Inn. 

This year's winner of the Donovan trophy was Darren Barnes who finished the race in 21 minutes and six seconds. Sarah Steer, a veteran of the Fun Run, was the first woman finisher

The run was started back in 1983 by the regulars of the Bell Inn in Wendens Ambo and was organised by them until 2001, when the Wendens Ambo Millennium Trust began organising the runs to raise funds for the trust. 

The Donovan Trophy was originally called the Bell Cup but became known as the Donovan Trophy because it was donated by the father in law of the Bell Inns landlord, Dennis Donovan.