What a ‘groovy’ opportunity! Saffron Walden arts school to perform in Horrible Histories show

Horrible Histories show

Horrible Histories show - Credit: Archant

Theatre arts school performers in Saffron Walden have been given the opportunity to study and perform in an exclusive new show by Horrible Histories.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts Saffron Walden pupils will be studying and performing ‘Horrible Histories: Groovy Greeks’ in Summer 2015, following Stagecoach’s brand new partnership with the Birmingham Stage Company.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts Saffron Walden Principal Laura Blackmore said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our school to take part in.

“We’re very keen to encourage our students to take an interest in history and the arts, and what better way than to teach them through such an excellent educational entertainment franchise!

“This will be a unique show with key learning strategies.”

Birmingham Stage Company’s actor/manager Neal Foster added: “We want to give young people the chance to be part of a show which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“The Horrible Histories franchise allows children to engage with history on an educational level, whilst having fun at the same time. We think our partnership with Stagecoach will open doors for many youngsters in their acting careers and are looking forward to working alongside them.”

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Horrible Histories first began as a book series in 1993 with The Terrible Tudors and The Awful Egyptians. The franchise has since grown to include magazines, a TV series, theatre productions and exhibitions.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts School in Saffron Walden is part of a network of more than 600 part-time theatre arts schools worldwide. Early stages classes are available for children four to six and main school classes take place for six to 18-year-olds.

The summer term runs from Saturday, April 25 to Saturday, July 11. To enrol, or find out more about how to be a part of the project, call principal Laura on 01799 588246 or email saffronwalden@stagecoach.co.uk