What’s Great About Saffron Walden? film premiered at Saffron Screen

What's Great About Saffron Walden film launch. Picture: Joe Higham Reportage.

What's Great About Saffron Walden film launch. Picture: Joe Higham Reportage. - Credit: Archant

A short film to promote Saffron Walden has been premiered in town.

What’s Great About Saffron Walden, which was funded by Saffron Walden Town Team, the town council and the Saffron Walden Initiative, was screened in front of a packed audience at Saffron Screen last Wednesday (November 18). The town’s #mysw campaign was also launched at the same time.

The three-minute short features the wide variety of aspects of the town’s life, including shopping, the market, pubs, St Mary’s Church and other historic buildings.

There is also a 30-second version, which runs alongside an advert currently running on Star Radio.

It is hoped that the video will be embraced by townspeople, and businesses will put the film on their websites to encourage more people to come to the town.

Neil Gregory, town team chairman, said: “We live here and work here and we know what’s great about Saffron Walden but lots of people don’t know.

“There are three aspects to promoting the town – telling people Saffron Walden exists, providing them with a reason to come here and making it easy to come here.”

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He added: “The campaigns are not ours, they are the town’s. People love different aspects of town and the #mysw campaign is a great way for people to show what they are proud of in town.”

Jonathan Glazier, of Pepper Rafferty, directed and produced the film. He said: “I like the convenience of sitting at home and shopping, but I also like going into towns.

“The high street is the beating heart of any community, with thriving shops and lots of events. It needs to become a destination for people and that was the ethos behind the film.

“I wanted the film to capture the imaginations of the viewers and entice them to visit Saffron Walden.”