What’s on: Mediaeval re-enactment in Essex village is less about ‘horrible history’ and more about ‘living history’

A MEDIAEVAL re-enactment will offer visitors an insight into how life was in Norman times.

Wicken Bonhunt History Group is hosting the free event on Saturday when the emphasis will be not so much ‘horrible history’ as ‘living history’.

Working with a small, established re-enactment group, the event will include an encampment where there will be knights and men-at-arms with their armour and weapons, and archers practising at the butts. Those attending will be able to see how bows were made and what different arrows were used for.

There will also be a glimpse into how people farmed the land, what the ate, how they made their clothes, how they wrote and what games they played.

Richard Taylor, chairmann of the Wicken Bonhunt History Group, said: “The event will offer a wonderful opportunity for old and young to find out and get a real feel for what life was like in Norman times. We’re

the event takes place at Wicken House, Wicken Bonhunt, on Saturday from 10.30am-4.30pm. Admission is free.