Q&A: Elsenham WI President Moyra Jackson

Elsenham WI President Moira Jackson

Elsenham WI President Moira Jackson - Credit: Elsenham WI

How would you best describe your job or role in the community? 

I have been President of Elsenham Women’s Institute since 2015. As well as regular meetings, our WI supports many village events.

How long have you lived in Elsenham? 

We moved here nine years ago from Dusseldorf but come originally from Edinburgh.

What would you do if you were mayor for a day? 

I would encourage inclusivity which is the main ethos of the WI. I would eradicate child poverty, ban weed killer and insist that every one listens to Led Zeppelin all day!

What is your favourite landmark in the area? 

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The Elsenham Memorial Garden. It is one of the few green spaces left in our village and is a peaceful place for calm reflection.

What is your favourite pub and eating-place in the area?

The only pub in Elsenham is The Crown and I have enjoyed many family meals there as well as WI nights out. The food at The Cock in Henham is excellent and is the chosen location for our WI Bookworms.

Which shops do you rely on in Elsenham?

We are extremely lucky to have a Post Office with amazing staff and Tesco Express is a godsend - friendly staff and well-stocked.

What is a perfect day in the area for you?

Spending time on our allotment then a WI meeting at night. I enjoy shopping in Saffron Walden and sampling all the coffee shops.

Which places in the area would you recommend to visitors?

Our favourite is Audley End. Visitors never fail to be impressed with their first glimpse of the house and Jacobean stables.

Who is your Elsenham hero?

My local hero is Petrina Lees, our District Councillor who is the kindest person I know (and the hardest working). Petrina does everything she can to help anyone in the village who is struggling or in need of a friend.

What do you most love about Elsenham?

That’s an easy one – the people. I have made many friends since moving here and I am so happy we made this village our home.

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