Widdington mum-of-two inspired to become author after having children

Author Brenda Burling.

Author Brenda Burling. - Credit: Archant

A mum-of-two found her creativity unleashed after giving birth – and has not stopped writing since.

Under the pseudonym Brenda Burling, the Widdington-based author had her first novel, Deceived, published last summer.

A second work is due to come out this spring, and the busy mum is already writing a sequel to the first, a mystery thriller.

“The very first draft was written about 15 years ago, then I had my children, which sparked this creativity in me,” said the 45-year-old writer.

“When I had the most amount to do I started writing – it was chaotic. It’s amazing to be writing again and it’s something that’s absolutely addictive.”

Deceived, which was published by US firm Limitless in December, centres on a privileged protagonist, Julia, who finds her life turned upside down when her husband and children go missing. The 30-year-old then sets off on a journey of discovery which takes her from Cambridgeshire to Florida, and helps her redefine her sense of self.

Ms Burling – who chose the nom-de-plume for its links to her family and its old-fashioned overtones – said she likes to use the name to preserve a sense of a mystery about her writing.

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“You don’t need to know everything about the author to engage with the work,” she told the Reporter.

While penning books has come naturally to Brenda since her children were born, she needs to impose a strict routine to make sure she gets everything done.

“Because I work at home I have to be really disciplined, because it’s truly chaotic. You have to fit the writing in around schools, washing, and so on.”

But it is clear Brenda does not plan on resting from her busy writing schedule.

“There are so many stories to tell,” she added, enigmatically.

Deceived, priced £9, is available from Harts Bookshop, Saffron Walden.

It can also be ordered online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Brenda’s second novel, Turn To The Sun, is due to be released on April 28.