Witham man who threatened police with samurai sword gets two-year sentence

Richard Hearn

Richard Hearn - Credit: Archant

A WITHAM man has today (Tuesday) received a two-year sentence after threatening women and police officers with a samurai sword.

Richard Hearn, 46, was found guilty of possession of an offensive weapon and affray after he threatened two women in a car and two police officers who had been called out to deal with the incident on August 2, 2012 in Wharf Close.

Hearn had made threats to his father, who was concerned about his son’s mental health. He then went out of the house and made threats to two women in cars, telling them to get them out of their car. They refused and he walked back into his home.

Two police officers from the local neighbourhood team who arrived at the house were threatened by Hearn. They tried to subdue him using CS spray and their baton but he resisted all attempts to arrest him.

Hearn chased the officers out of the house and they took refuge nearby but they then followed Hearn, who was still carrying the sword, as he went down the road, and they were finally able to arrest and handcuff him in Highfields Road.

Dc Steven Walker, who investigated the case, said: “There is no doubt that our officers acted bravely in the face of the threats by this man with a sword, and feared that he would attack them. Richard Hearn has been sent to a mental health hospital where it is hoped he can receive the help that he needs.”