Young photographers enjoy training day in Saffron Walden

EIGHT schoolchildren from the Saffron Walden area attended a photographic day at Dame Bradbury’s School.

They were invited along as their entries to the recent Mullucks Wells photographic competition were picked by photographer David Davies to be the winning entries. After a look at a range of cameras dating from the late 19th century to more recent models, they learned how photography has evolved and become the digital photography of today.

They were then trained in both landscape and portrait photographic techniques and encouraged to try their hand at both under the guidance of Mr Davies. Winning entries can be viewed on the Mullucks Wells websit,

Pictured, the children who attended the day, from left, Mitzi Tilston (11), Alaois McHugh (11), Edward Woricker (6), Hollie Haine (16), Rebecca Hayward (13), William Page (10), Elise Moore (13) and Harriet Willmott (10). Another winner, Penelope Medcalf (4),who was unable to attend.