Public Notices


Deloitte Total Reward and Benefits Limited
Notice ID: 10948260

Further to the transfer of all members from the Scheme to the LPA Industries Limited Section of the Deloitte Pensions Master Plan, notice is hereby given under Section 27 (1) of the Trustee Act 1925 that the winding up of the former Scheme will shortly be completed.

If you have already received communication from the Trustees regarding the transfer or the wind up of the Scheme then you do not need to take any action.

If you have not, and are (a) a former employee of LPA Industries Limited or, (b) the spouse or dependant of such person, who in either case is (or thinks they may be) entitled to benefits under the Scheme (without having received such benefits) or (c) any other person who believes that they may have a claim against the Scheme, please provide to the Trustees particulars of your claim, your full name, address, date of birth, and any documents supporting the claim.

Claims must be made by 13 August 2021 in writing to:

Jasmine Hewitt

Deloitte Total Reward and Benefits

Limited Lincoln Building

27-45 Great Victoria Street



After this date, the Trustees will complete the winding up of the Scheme and, in doing so, will have regard only to the claims of which they have notice of as at the above date. The Trustees shall not be liable to any person whose claim has not been notified to them by that date.