A united front as Saffron Walden clubs look to maximise summer's sporting opportunities

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Saffron Walden sports clubs have joined forces to maximise opportunities. - Credit: HELEN DRAKE

Saffron Walden's sporting clubs have taken the unusual step of joining forces to ensure people have the maximum chance to resume all of their sporting activities.

The problems of the pandemic have not just affected the individual either as clubs look to make up for lost time.

And it has led senior officers of the town's cricket, football, hockey, rugby, athletics and triathlon clubs to agree on a plan that minimises the number of clashes.

Speaking on behalf of the clubs, cricket chairman David Barrs said: “The town is fortunate to have so many clubs providing for boys and girls, men and women, able and disabled alike and we are determined to make it as easy as possible for young people in particular to get out and enjoy their sport.

"There are so many opportunities available in the town and so much goodwill between us in order to achieve this”.

The plan, dubbed the Saffron Walden summer of sport, outlines the opportunities available in the coming weeks as well as contact details for the clubs.

The protocol encourages choice and commits the clubs to work together in the interests of the participants when and if there are clashes.

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The key principle states that clubs will co-ordinate to minimise clashes and where clashes are unavoidable the child, or adult, should be allowed to chose and not placed under any pressure to make a decision one way or another.

The clubs will also consider, in an individual case, whether or not a participant might attend one week with one sport and the next week another to ensure the child is not disadvantaged.

Families too are encouraged to liaise with the clubs involved to discuss their plans so that non-attendance, for instance, is not regarded as lack of interest.

Other sports not yet included are also encouraged to be part of this initiative. Any that do should contact David by emailing saffronwaldencricketclub@gmail.com

To view the plan go to www.saffronwaldencricket.co.uk/news/summer_of_sport_2021

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