Insect decline in Essex prompts Big Wild Seed Sow

A patch of lush, green wildflowers in Essex bursting with yellow, red and white petals.

Wildflowers native to Essex - Credit: Essex Wildlife Trust

Gardeners are being urged to grab one of 5,000 seed kits to help create a more insect-friendly Essex.

The kits are part of Essex Wildlife Trust's Big Wild Seed Sow to help reverse a decline in insect populations.

The kits contain wildflower seeds native to the county.

Gardeners can map their own wildflower patches on the EWT website (

EWT's Zoe Ringwood said everyone can do their bit to make Essex more insect-friendly.

Zoe said: "Everything in nature is connected.

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"The good news is that small actions can help reverse the decline of insects.

"Collectively, we have the power to make a significant difference."

An Essex Wildlife Trust-branded brown paper packet of seeds lying on the grass: Action for Insects

The Essex Wildlife Trust will give out 5,000 seed kits at its Nature Discovery Centres - Credit: Essex Wildlife Trust

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Globally, 41% of insect species are at risk of extinction.

EWT has trialled seed kits at its own sites this summer and wants gardeners to pick up the kits at Nature Discovery Centres throughout the county to use at home.

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