The latest recipe from MasterChef winner Alex Webb is for steamed cod. But before we get to this week's recipe, here's an update on Alex's life.

Since winning MasterChef: The Professionals, Alex said so much has changed.

Alex said he's grateful to Square 1 Restaurant in Dunmow for their support with his career, but it was time to move on to new challenges. He was in their kitchen for the Christmas Day meal, which was the last day because of Covid regulations.

He's been working with Disney for the launch of the new Star channel on Disney+

Alex created a three-course menu, which was sent out to London journalists, each course representing a show.

The starter was themed around Desperate Housewives, the main course was around the TV show Lost, and the dessert was themed around the Grand Budapest Hotel.

These recipes are available through the DisneyPlusUK Instagram and @DisneyPlusUK Twitter accounts.

He's also doing private dinners that are delivered to people's homes and is booked up until Christmas.

He's working on a book with recipes that chart his career as a chef, and has lined up guest chef slots for when restaurants reopen. A hotel in the Maldives has booked him for April.

Alex said when he pops out for essential shopping in Dunmow, he's recognised in the street - people either want a socially distanced chat about one of his recipes, or they stare because they're sure they know him from somewhere!

He said of his time after winning the show: "I really didn't think it would be this crazy!"

This week's recipe is for steamed cod, mango and chilli salsa, sticky coconut rice.

If you make the dish, remember to share images with Alex and your thoughts on the dish. You'll find him via social media - he is Chef Webb and his handle is @chefwebb1

Steamed cod, mango and chilli salsa, sticky coconut rice

Serves 4/ prep time 15-20 mins, cook 10 mIns


1 mango cored and sliced

1 seedless red chilli, sliced

100g fresh parsley, finely chopped

20g olive oil

Pinch of salt


150g basmati rice

150ml coconut milk

Pinch of salt


4 cod fillet skinless

25ml olive oil

1 large onion or shallot

4 sheets of parchment paper

1 Preheat oven to 180c

2 Mix all of the chopped ingredients for the salsa in a bowl and set aside for later

3 For the cod, place the sliced onions in the middle of each piece of paper and the cod on top. Season over the cod and drizzle the olive oil over, then wrap each one tight so the ends are on the bottom. Place on a baking tray ready for the oven

4 Rinse the rice well under running water. Drain off and add into a saucepan with the coconut rice and slat, and a dash of water. Put the lid on for 15-20 mins on a low heat or until the liquid has all gone. Leave the lid on until the rice has started to cool down.

5. To serve, take your cod out of the oven and check it's cooked, place the rice on to the plate with the cod next to it in the paper, and then the mango salsa on top of the cod.


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