Kate Garraway has told her Good Morning Britain co-presenter Rob Rinder that she always “assumed” he uses hair dye.

Barrister-turned-writer and broadcaster Rinder was presenting the ITV morning show alongside Garraway on Friday, when Charlotte Hawkins showed a photo of him as a student.

Hawkins said: “I teased you didn’t I and I was saying about your earlier photos from an era that you’d rather forget.

“I said that your mum had been in touch and actually you know she hadn’t been in touch at that point, but she has now and we have a photo from your student days, here you are (at your) University of Manchester… graduation.”

ITV Palooza 2018 – London
Rob Rinder was presenting Good Morning Britain on Friday (Ian West/PA)

Garraway then complimented Rinder, saying he looks “very similar” today to how he did when he was younger, before adding: “You haven’t really changed, have you always bleached your hair from when you were little?

“Have you always been bleached blonde?”

Appearing confused, Rinder, 45, asked: “Do you actually think I dye my hair?”

Garraway, 57, replied: “You don’t dye your hair? I’ve always assumed you did… I am serious, you’re naturally that blonde?”

Rinder said: “I don’t know how to prove this to you in a way that’s tolerable in the morning, but yes.”

He added he is a “natural blonde” like Garraway, who then joked: “Maybe that’s why I assumed.”

She has previously referenced her change in hair colour, saying on social media in 2018 that she “used to dye” her hair brown in the 1980s with a winking face emoji, when GMB shared an image of her from that period.