The premiere of The Haunted Hill House - even the theme song had me sweating pinballs

PUBLISHED: 16:38 08 October 2018 | UPDATED: 16:38 08 October 2018

Lorenzo Barba at the premiere of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House

Lorenzo Barba at the premiere of Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House


The bar was nothing short of ghoulish and demonic. The premiere of Netflix's The Haunted Hill House was unforgettable.

The bar was nothing short of ghoulish and demonic. The premiere of Netflix’s The Haunted Hill House was unforgettable.

Arriving at Central London’s Welsh Chapel, our names were checked off the guest list with great seriousness as this was an exclusive invite-only event that you could not buy your way into.

I had won an online contest run by Reed Exhibitions meaning I was admitted.

We were greeted with the finest champagne. Unlimited cocktails and canapés kept guests full, yet with a hunger to experience the haunting.

Chilling, unsettling, religious statues surrounded the area alongside the damaged candles.

After a short while, I was greeted by a friendly security officer at the event who invited me into a room decorated with meticulous detail to match the series. As I cautiously tiptoed up the narrow stairway and into the cramped, peculiar space, my eyes were met with a sight that made me feel like the protagonist in my own horror show.

Seemingly haunted dolls plagued the tightly compact space, along with a makeup drawer and a mirror reading “Welcome home”. As though this image alone wasn’t enough to send shivers down my spine, after a short while inspecting the room, I was met by frightening surprise.

A ghastly, radiant figure leaped out of a cupboard door causing me to jump out of my skin.

You could almost grab hold of the tension in the room as the episode began playing. Many members of the audience jumped out of their seat after the opening false jumpscare, which was the exact reaction, the director, Flanagan, was looking for.

My whole being was tightly tensed and rigid throughout the screening. So much so that even the theme song had me sweating pinballs. Throughout the film, I was paranoid about when the next jumpscare was going to happen. It’s safe to say that The Haunting of Hill House’s debut episode was exceptionally made in every department.

After the screening, the stars behind the masterpiece made their thoroughly welcomed entrance onto the stage for an intimate Q and A with the audience.

Elizabeth Reiser, Michiel Huisman and Henry Thomas each had their opportunity to answer some of the many questions the audience had for them.

I asked: “How scary is the experience of acting in such a frightening text, and how does it compare to watching it back on the big screen?”

Reiser then appeared deep in thought as though she remembered something.

She went on to explain that before shooting even a single scene, Flanagan had her watch numerous videos and images of rotting corpses along with footage of spirits living inside haunted areas.

She said the images were so “traumatising to look at that my partner had to leave the room in disgust.” She went on to reveal that these images were “stuck in my mind the entire time we were shooting” making the experience of acting in this text astoundingly harrowing indeed.

After gracing the audience with their presence, the stars made their exit, leaving the audience pondering in much anticipation over what’s going to happen next in the haunting of Hill House.

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