Reader pictures: Cute animals in July's Pets' Corner

A fluffy dog called Buddy Bear sitting in a garden

Pets' Corner: Shelley's dog Buddy Bear - Credit: supplied

Welcome back to Pets’ Corner, the space which highlights your cute pets and what their companionship and friendship means to you.

These are our picks for July - aren't they fabulous!

If you’d like to get involved, send us your pet photos, your name, your pet’s name, and a few sentences about what makes them special to you.

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Here are what our contributors say about their pets:


Maisie the dog on a grassy field, with blue skies and clouds in the sky

Pets' Corner: Francesca's dog Maisie - Credit: supplied

Francesca says: “This is Maisie, she is eight years old and loves playing with her human brother and sisters, going for walks around Newport, eating sausages and sleeping!”

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Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear the fluffy dog

Pets' Corner: Shelley's dog Buddy Bear - Credit: supplied

Shelley says: “We decided as a family to get a puppy late last year as lockdown meant we were home more than usual and my job also changed due to redundancy, giving me more home time.

“We got Buddy Bear in late February this year.

"He’s quite a rare breed, a Chow Chow, known as Bear dogs or Lion dogs - one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. They have purple tongues! 

“We are all totally in love with him.  He’s now five months and is a very happy and playful pup and loves the attention he gets when out on his walks - all strokes welcome! 

“Top tip, try your puppy with a cold carrot to chew on, it helps with their teething!”


Bella the dog, relaxing

Pets' Corner: Marian's dog Bella - Credit: supplied

Marian says: “This is Bella. We adopted Bella from Battersea Dogs Home and she is absolutely adorable.

“She’s likes to chat and is always up for cuddles. Bella has been a fantastic companion during lockdown.”

Loki and Dexter

Two fluffy dogs intertwined together in happiness

Pets' Corner: Matt and Jody's dogs Loki and Dexter - Credit: supplied

Matt and Jody Reynolds say: “These are our two rescue dogs from Gran Canaria, Loki and Dexter. 

“Cute doesn’t even cover it. They are amazing dogs who had an awful start in life but have gained confidence and learnt to trust again.”


A cat called Kiwi lying on its back looking up

Pets' Corner: Ray's cat Kiwi - Credit: supplied

Ray from Saffron Walden got in touch with us to talk about two special cats.

“Kiwi is approximately nine years old and a bundle of fun.

“She was found dumped in a box at approximately six months old on a snowy January Thursday. She rules the roost!"


A white cat called Nooshka

Pets' Corner: Ray's cat Nooshka who lived until age 20 - Credit: supplied

Ray also talks about another much missed pet.

Ray said: “My pure white cat Nooshka came from Heydon cats home at the age of 10. She died in 2019 at the age of 20. 

“She was a wonderful fluffball who was stone deaf with beautiful blue eyes.

"She could wrap you around her little paw in a blink of an eyelid! She is much missed.”


A dog called Jack standing between two people

Pets' Corner: Nina shared this picture of Jack the dog at Audley End Stables - Credit: supplied

Nina got in touch to talk about animals at Audley End House Stables.

“This is dog Jack who helps out at Audley End House Stables with his owner, who works there. 

“He can travel in the governess cart which is pulled by Welsh pony Milo. 

“Jack also has a Victorian collar and lead.”


And here is the picture that Nina sent in of Milo, the Welsh pony.

A Welsh pony called Milo pulling along a carriage with two people sitting

Pets' Corner: Nina sent us this picture of Milo the Welsh pony - Credit: supplied


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