Anyone feeling hungry? This week's recipe is Crispy Lemon Chicken with soy and ginger greens.

MasterChef: The Professionals winner Alex Webb - also known as Chef Webb in Dunmow - reminds you that if you make the recipe, share your thoughts and pictures on social media with @chefwebb1

Crispy lemon chicken, soy and ginger green veg

Chicken serves: 2
1x egg
Soy sauce 50g
White wine vinegar 50g
Chinese five spice
2x chicken breast
Cornflour x 200g
Fryer oil x 500g

Lemon sauce:
Garlic x1 clove
Ginger x1 small thumb size
Chicken stock 60g
Lemon juice 2-3
Honey x 2 tablespoons
Sugar x 2 tablespoons
Salt pinch
Soy sauce x 2 tablespoons
Cornflower slurry, 50g/ 25g water mix

Ginger greens:
Chinese greens/ Chinese cabbage or Pak Choi
Small thumb of ginger
Oil 10g

First take your chicken and cut into cubes or slices and season with salt and the Chinese five spice. In a separate bowl crack one egg with soy sauce, white wine vinegar and mix well add the chicken to the bowl and coat. Leave for 10/15 mins.

Get your pan or wok on the stove with around 50/100g oil and get hot. Take the cornflower on a tray or plate and add the chicken and mix well so it’s all coated white. Then place in the pan in the hot oil. Fry in two goes so it stays crispy. Place on a tray once it’s all cooked and then place in the oven on a low heat to keep hot.

For the sauce cut the garlic and ginger up, cut some extra ginger for the greens for later.

Use the same pan as before, add the garlic and ginger with a little oil and salt. Then add all your wet ingredients, soy sauce, chicken stock, lemon juice, honey and sugar. Cook out for five minutes on a low heat. Then take some cornflower and add a little water so it forms a white slurry mix. Add this to the lemon sauce and cook out and it will start to thicken for another five to eight minutes.

For the greens use the cut ginger and fry in oil, add your Chinese cabbage or Pak Choi. And a little splash of water and steam in the pan.

Add your chicken to the lemon sauce and mix well, place on the plate with your greens on the side!

Alex Webb

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