Royal Engineers based in Wimbish visited Poland to give Ukrainian soldiers explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) training.

The Royal Engineers, also known as sappers, trained the Ukrainian soldiers to disable mines, munitions and explosive devices, which pose a huge threat to civilians in Ukraine.

Mines present one of the biggest obstacles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces as they seek to retake illegally-occupied land.

The training package teaches soldiers munition recognition, disposal methods and search procedures to counter improvised explosive devices (IEDs), mines, booby traps and trip wires.

Soldiers use metal detectors and personnel mine extraction kits and are taught how to adapt the equipment they have available on the front line.


They have also been trained on equipment donated by the UK - which amounts to more than 1,500 sets of mining kits.

Captain Chris Wilson, 5 Engineer Regiment EOD&S, who is commanding the EOD training, said: "We are teaching Ukrainian sappers skills we developed during various deployments, as well as evolving our own techniques based on feedback from Ukraine’s frontline, in order to deliver vital training which will save Ukrainian lives."

The UK is also supporting a Canadian-led programme in Poland, teaching basic combat engineering skills to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.